DOW Golf

Golf is the ideal combination of mental and physical exercise.

Glad you want to start golfing! You have made a good sporting choice! Because golf offers the ideal combination of mental and physical effort and it is a game that requires you to be creative. You are outside and you can always play it together.

With the tailor-made offer for DOW you can now learn the game of golf together with other staffmembers in an accessible way.

Learning to play golf is a combination of practice, play and lessons. Your professional gives you specific instructions that you can practice yourself.  This is the way to learn golf in a good and fun way.

Welcome guests of DOW, we look forward to taking the first golf steps with you!


The lesson offer

During the 6 hours of lessons for € 99,00, divided into 4 moments, you get to know the environment on the golf course and learn the basics of golf: technique and etiquette. With this you are able to gain golf experience in a pleasant and safe way. You will also learn how to practice yourself and do your physical preparation. After this lesson plan you can play in the course according to the etiquette and golf rules that are important for the novice golfer. Everything under the professional guidance of our golf teacher.

Play the game

Learning to play golf is a combination of practice, play and lessons. Your golf teacher gives you specific instructions that you can practice yourself again and by playing you know on which part of the game you lose the most strokes and where adjustments are therefore necessary. That is why you can use the practice course with short courses in your own time, when it suits you, for a reduced rate between the group lessons. What are you waiting for? So get started!

Your golf handicap

There are two different types of golfers in the Netherlands. Club golfers and "free" golfers. If you become a member of a golf club, the handicap registration is included in the annual club fee. If you are a free golfer you can also choose to only register your handicap. Are you curious about how you can best register your handicap and improve your handicap from that moment on? Visit us and we will gladly inform you about the many possibilities at De Goese Golf.




Location: De Goese Golf

Als eerste op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws!

Met een abonnement bij De Goese Golf ontvang je uiteraard als eerste het laatste nieuws. Toch organiseren wij ook volop activiteiten die voor iedereen toegankelijk zijn. En in sommige gevallen heeft het niets te maken met golf maar gaat het juist over eten & drinken, feesten & partijen en volop andere activiteiten. Wil jij niets missen? Vul dan onderstaand formulier in.